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You can book our trips and services:

  • directly on line to the web site You can check the availability and book directly the cruise. The payment can be made by credit card Visa or Mastercard; you will receive immediately the voucher of booked services;
  • at our office by telephone, fax o e-mail and you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions

1. The trip-contracts are regulated by the law n. 1084 of 27th/12/1977 (CCV) and by the legislative decree 111/1995. The responsibility of the society can never exceed the limits, provided for by the mentioned law. The acceptance of the booking depends on the availability of seats and it is concluded with the confirmation and the balance payment.

2. The society has the power to modify or cancel the trip in circumstances beyond somebody' s control. The society can cancel the contract if the number of travellers (35 people) has not been reached. The seats are not numbered. It is not a public transportation service, but a trip-package, regulated by the regional law 33 of 04.11.2002. As a consequence the reservation is compulsory.

3. The non-departure of the boats due to a technical cause or to circumstances, that don't depend on the will of the society, gives right to repayment of the money, paid by the traveller. The society is not responsible for the unexpected closing of the villas and for the delays or interruptions, due to problems with the opening-manoeuvring of the locks or of the bridges, that depend on the public administration or on unexpected orders of closing.

4. Animals are not allowed on board. Only hand luggage are allowed. It is not allowed to take pictures inside the villas. The society is not responsible for the personal belongings, left on board, during the stops.

Reservations for public trips, scheduled for Individuals

5. The booking, that can be made at the travel agency, have to be balanced immediately.

6. In case of renunciation of individual customers there are the following penalties:

  • 50% of the trip fee, if the renunciation happens 5 days prior the date of departure.
  • the complete trip fee after that date or in case of non-presentation.

Reservations for Groups

7. Upon our confirmation of the trips, a 25% of the full due amount shall be put down as caution money; the balance shall be paid 5 days prior to the date of departure.

8.  In case of renunciation, made by members of  a booked group, there are the following penalties:

  • - for changes up to a 10% of booked services, no penalties if  changes are communicated at least 5 days before;
  • - for bigger changes a penalty of 50% of the trip fee, if the renunciation happens 5 days prior the date of departure.
  • - the complete trip fee after that date or in case of non-presentation.

9. This translation of  the regulations is approximate. In case of dispute the Italian regulations are the valid ones. For any dispute the Padua law court has jurisdiction.

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