Wine and Tastes of the Euganean Hills,

among Art, Nature and History

Enogastronomia South the Province of Padova, where the sweet roundness of the Euganean Hills melt and mix with a valley rich of ochards and wineyards, there is a land full of culture and tradition, that custody the memories of a great past.

Attracted by the mild climate, since the old past, men occupied this fertile land rich of water. Its strategic position and its beauty appealled to ambitious conquerors, elegant noblemen and noblewomen, poets and writers of every time.

Francesco Petrarca, the great Italian poet of the 14th century, inspired by the beauty of the land, loved composing his rhymes while navigating the Euganean Riviera to reach his vineyard in Arquà.

Longed for by noble Venetians, the Euganean Hills were enriched by fabulous villa where they could spend their holidays: palaces, monumental gardens, huge parks, with box-wood mazes, frescoes, statues, old trees and water games, everything planned by great architects of different epochs.

A land representing a trip in the past through strongholds, castles and abbeys; a romantic itinerary following the route of the castles, a refreshing pause in the silence and the harmony of an abbey, to contemplate the old imposing walls of Este, Monselice and Montagnana- the Walled Towns.

Colli The Euganean Hills constitue a naturalistic oasis, protected by the Institution of the Regional Park, characterized by an extremely rich and vary vegetation and by a land offering precious fruits in any season: delicious jujube, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate, figs, fresh erbs, grapes, special honey and oil made following the old tradition of the 18th century.

The D.O.C. Wine Route of the Euganean Hills starts from here.
A paradisiacal gourmet where grapes and local traditions mix with the best products of the land, of the courtyards, vineyards and the spontaneous herbs.

Among the first courses the Risotto is a must: the traditional tasty Risotto made in the Paduan style, a special one is prepared with chicken entrails and wild herbs; not to mention the traditional Risotti with “ peas ”, quails and radish; of course, the pasta is always home made: “bigoi”with duck souce, “tagliatelle” with goose and pumpkin, pappardelle, pasticci and much more; the second dishes can vary from the stuffed duck to the tasty famous Paduan hen, from a rubbit to the spit of pigeons, and then, fried chicken, stewed meat, mixed grill to finish with cakes and fresh jam tarts, along with egg flip sweets made with moscato wine and the special “pinza” a home made cake made with different dried fruit. Everything is accompained with good wine, obviously D.O.C., from the Euguanean Hills.

CantinaNumerous restaurants, working farm houses, cellars and mansions welcome and care the guests inviting them to discover the million tastes and wines of such a land.

We are offering you the chance to spend a day rich of sensations and emotions thanks to an itinerary foreseeing, in the morning, an excursion to a castle, Venetian Villa, and its park and/or a walled town; alternatively a boat excursion through the Venetian Villas on a old barge; a lunch with a delicious local cuisine; a walk in the luxuriant vegetation of the Euganean Hills; a visit to a cellar with wine tasting; a panoramic tour of the hills and a dinner with a typical traditional menu.

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